Hiking the Citico Wilderness.

Of The Cherokee National Forest
The Tellico District


Trail: #85. Kirkland Creek - 4.7 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate
It begins at the mouth of Kirland Creek on
Bald River and ends at Sandy Gap. Several
creek crossings. Roadside parking on Bald
Trail: #86. Whigg Ridge - 3.0 Miles
Difficulty: Difficult
Begins on Forest Road 61 (Whigg Meadows
Road) and ends above the fish pools near
Tellico River.
Trail: #87. Falls Branch - 1.4 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate with steep slopes.
Begins on Hwy. 165 (Cherohala Skyway)
and ends at Falls Branch Waterfall.
Trailhead parking available at Rattlesnake
Rock parking area.
Trail: #88. Bald River - 5.6 Miles
Difficulty: Easy
Begins at Bald River parking area on the
Tellico River Road and continues upstream
along Bald River to Bald River Road.
Beutiful scenery along Bald River Gorge
Wilderness Area. Passes by Bald River Falls.
Trail: #89. Sugar Cove - 2.2 Miles
Difficulty: Moderately Difficult.
Begins near Beech Gap on Hwy 165
(Cherohala Skyway) near TN/NC state line.
It ends on North River Road. Very steep grade
the first 200 yards near Beech Gap. Very
scenic trail with one small water fall on the
Trail: #91. Grassy Branch - 3. 3 Miles
Difficulty: Moderately Difficult.
Trail begins at Grassy Gap Parking Area.
Several different forest types are found along
this trail, as well as a few deep creek
crossings. You'll get wet!
Trail: # 92. McNabb Creek - 3. 9 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate
The trail begins at Grassy Gap on Hwy. 165
and ends on North River Road. Many creek
crossings and several different forest types.
Trail: # 93. Laurel Branch - 3 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Begins on Hwy. 165 and ends on North River.
Very steep at the top of the trail and has many
creek crossings. Trail follows an old road and
has an abundance of rhododendren.
Trail: # 94. Big Indian - 1. 6 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Trail starts on Hwy 165 and ends on North
River. Short, but steep most of the way.

Trail: # 103. Long Branch - 2. 7 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Trail begins on North River Road 217 and ends
on Hwy. 165 at Buck Knob. The trail has many
creek crossings and spectacular views of the
North River drainage area when the leaves are
of the trees. Lush vegetation can be seen on this

Trail: # 105. South Fork - 9. 5 Miles
Difficulty: Moderately Difficult
Trailhead is located before you reach the low
water bridge at Warden Fields on Citico Creek.
Forest Road 35, most of the trail is an old rocky
roadbed, there are several stream crossings
some of which may be deep.

Trail: # 106. Stiffknee - 3. 2 Miles
Difficulty: Difficult
The trail begins at Farr Gap on Forest Road 35
and descends toward the Joyce Kilmer /
Slickrock Wilderness in North Carolina. It
follows Little Slickrock Creek and Big
Slickrock creek east toward the wilderness.
Several campsites along the way.

Trail: # 107. Henderson Mountain - 2. 7 Miles
Difficulty: Moderately Difficult
Trail begins at Cow Camp Trail # 173 and ends
at Henderson Top. The Cow Camp Trailhead is
on the Tellico River Road, look for steps along
the roadbank. Trail is step and the tread is not
in good condition in some places. There is no
water along the trail.

Trail: # 129. Indian Boundary - 3. 2 Miles
Difficulty: Easy
This hiking and bicycling trail loops around
Indian Boundary Lake. The section from the
boat ramp to the swimming beach is handicapped
accessible. Great views of Flats Mountain and
different forest types greet visitors on this
pretty trail. Free parking is available at the boat

Trail: # 136. Gravelstand Top - 3. 1Miles
Difficulty: Difficult
This hiking and motorcycle trail begins on Bald
River Road and ends near Miller's Cemetary.
The trail is very steep with large ruts in places
making it difficult for motorcycle riding. ATV's
(3-4 wheelers) are NOT allowed on the Tellico
Ranger District. Motorcyclists should use
extreme caution on this trail.

Trail: # 139. Big Stack Gap - 1. 8 Miles
Difficulty: Moderately Difficult
Trail starts on the Fodderstack Trail 3. 2 miles
from Farr Gap. The trail veers to the left 1. 8
miles into Joyce Kilmer/ Slickrock
Wilderness. Parking available at Farr Gap.

Trail: # 161. Basin Lead - 6. 0 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate
The trail begins at Basin Gap on the Bald River
Road at the turn off for Waucheesi Lookout. The
trail winds along rock bluffs overlooking Bald
River Gorge and the leads down to the Tellico
River. The bridge is washed out at Tellico River
making crossing it extremely difficult and

Deer foraging for food on Tellico River.

Photos By Jack Waters Copyright 2003

The Tellico Plains
Mountain Press




Trail: # 95. Fodderstack - 12.1 Miles
Difficulty: Difficult
This trail begins at Farr Gap near Doublecamp.
It follows the ridge for a long distance providing
scenic views of the surrounding area. Several
campsites are along the trail, including one old
homesite that had an apple orchard. Trail ends
on Forest Road 217 - H.
Trail: # 96. Mill Branch - 2. 5 Miles
Difficulty: Difficult
Begins on Doublecamp Road on Citico and
connects with the Fodderstack Trail.
Trail: # 97. Brush Mountain - 5. 5 Miles
Trail begins 1 mile from the head of the Cold
Springs Gap Trail # 149. Parking is available at
Beech Gap and the trail when it intersects with
the South Fork Trail # 105 on Citico Creek.
Trail follows Ike Camp Branch along the foot of
Ikes Peak.
Trail: # 98. North Fork Trail - 5. 5 Miles
Difficulty: Difficult
Trail starts at Cherry Log Gap 3 miles on the
Fodderstack Trail. There are several stream
crossings and campsites along the way. Very
scenic trail and popular with anglers. Parking
available at Beech Gap and Citico Creek.
Trail: # 99. Pine Ridge Horse Trail - 3. 6
Difficulty: Moderate
The trail begins at the Warden Fields at Citico
Creek. It follows Pine Ridge to its junction with
the Fodderstack Trail near the top of Big
Fodderstack Mountain. Beautiful views of the
Citico Creek Wilderness and Big Fodderstack
Mountain. Parking available at Warden Fields
on Citico Creek.
Trail: # 100. Rocky Flats - 4. 5 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Trailhead located on the Doublecamp Road and it
ends near the Warden Fields on Citico Creek.
Trail has a few small stream crossings with
many interesting natural and manmade features
along the way.
Trail: # 101. Hemlock - 3 Miles
Difficulty: Moderately Difficult
Trail begins on North River Road Forest Road
217 and ends on Hwy. 165 (Cherohala Skyway).
The trail is considered difficult due to steep
climb and creek crossings.
Trail: # 102. Flats Mountain - 6. 2 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult.
Trailhead at Eagle Gap on Hwy. 165 and ends at
Beehouse Gap on Forest Road 35 near Indian
Boundary. The trail follows the ridgetop before
descending to Beehouse Gap with beautiful views
of Indian Boundary and the Citico Creek

Trail between Bob Stratton Bald & Naked Ground.

Trail: # 163. Sycamore Creek - 6. 1 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Trail starts at the Pheasant Fields Fish Pool on
Tellico River. Turn right when you cross the
bridge and follow the old road. There are a few
waterfalls and creek crossings on the trail. This
is a hiking only trail. It ends on Forest Road #

Trail: # 164. Warriors Passage National
Recreation Trail - 8. 1 Miles
Difficulty: Easy to moderate.
The trail begins near the old Boy Scout Camp
on Forest Road 126 near Waucheesi Lookout.
Parking is slim at the trailhead, but there is
plenty of parking where the trail ends on the old
Furnace Road Forest Road # 76. There are
several (some deep) stream crossings on this very
diverse trail. Good oppurtunities for wildlife
viewing on this trail. The trail is occasionaly
maintained by Boy Scout volunteers working on
Eagle Scout Projects.

Trail: # 149. Cold Springs Gap - 2. 7 Miles
Difficulty: Easy
This trail begings at Cold Springs Gap (about
1. 9 miles from Beech Gap behind a closed gate)
and runs into the North Fork Trail. Watch out for
berry briars which are vicious through the
summer. Some parking is available at Beech

Trail: # 165-1. Little Citico Horse Trail -
1. 5 Miles
Difficulty: Easy
Trail number 1 starts just above the Young
Branch Horse Camp and follows Forest Road
2403 near Little Citico Creek and intersects with
Little Citico Creek.

Trail: # 165-2. Little Citico Horse Trail
- 5. 6 Miles
Difficulty: Difficult
Follow Forest Road # 35 to the Little Citico and
turn right. This trail is fairly difficult with rough
terrain and several stream crossings. The trail
follows Forest Road 2403 for 2 miles and then
veers south along Little Citico Creek. Roadside
parking is available.

Trail: # 165-3. Little Citico Horse Trail -
6. 2 Miles
Difficulty: Moderately difficult
Follow Forest Road # 35 to Litt;e Citico bridge
and turn right. This trail is good for experienced
horseback riders, with rough terrain and stream
crossings. A very scenic trail.

Trail: # 165-4. Little Citico Horse Trail
- 2. 3 Miles
Difficulty: Moderately Difficult
Follow Forest Road # 35 to the Little Citico bridge
and turn right. The trail starts at Bear Branch
and is fairly scenic and has several difficult
stream crossings.

Trail: # 173. Cow Camp - 0. 8 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate
The trailhead is on the Tellico River Road above
Bald River Falls. This very scenic trail leads to
the Bald River Trail and Henderson Mountain
Trail. The grade is steep with a few stream

Trail: # 196. Jeffrey Hell - 2. 2 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate
The trail leaves Hwy 165 (Cherohala Skyway) and
follows an old road bed the majority of the way. It
drops off (a steep drop too) into South Fork Creek
where it intersects with South Fork Trail # 105.
This trail comes alive in the spring with
wildflowers galore. The backdrop of lush green
vegetation and wildflowers is almost breathtaking
in places.
Trail: # 180. Brookshire Creek Horse
6. 7 Miles
Difficulty: Moderately difficult
Follow Bald River Road # 126 to the trailhead at
campsite # 11 (It is recommended that you go
through the Green Cove community if you are
pulling a horse trailer).
This beautiful trail takes you along Brookshire
Creek and Bald River and ascends to Beaver Dam
Bald. A couple of the stream crossings may be
deep. Watch for hunters during hunting season
as this is a popular area for hunting.