Of The Tellico Ranger District
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Birdsfoot Violet
Birdsfoot Violet
"Viola pedata"
One of 32 varieties found in
the area. Blooms March
thru June between 900 ft.
& 3,000 feet.

White Trillum
White Trillium
"Lily Family"
Grows up to 3,000 feet from
April to May.
Spring Beauty
Spring Beauty
"Claytonia virginica"
Fairly abundant at all elevations.
Blooms late February through May.
Only 3 or 4 inches tall.
Mountain Laurel
Mountain Laurel
"Kalmia latifolia"
A member of the Heath Family.
Thrives at elevations up to 5,000 ft.
Blooms in May at lower slopes &
mid - June to July at high elevations.
Early settlers knew Laurel as Ivy, &
Rhododendron as Laurel.
Photos By....Jack Waters copyright 1999-2001