Favorite & unusual recipes submitted by readers.

Ham & Red Eye Gravy

2 Tbs. butter or margarine

1 slice Ham about 1/4 inch thick

1/4 Cup strong coffee


Melt butter or margarine in skillet and fry ham until done. remove to a platter and keep warm. Add a little water to the fat & coffee. bring to a boil. Serve over ham with grits.

Sugar Cure for Ham

1 Cup of table salt

2 Tbs. brown sugar

1 Tbs. black pepper

This is to be rubbed into 1 Ham. Wrap in thick brown paper & hang.

Deer & Bourbon

2-2 1/2 Lb. deer cut into 1 1/2 inch cubes

5 Lb. flour

1 Tsp. salt

2 1/2 Tbs. oil or lard

1/4 tsp. pepper

2 medium onions, diced

1/2 Cup chopped green pepper

2 Garlic cloves, diced

1/2 tsp. thyme or crushed rosemary or both)

1 Cup tomato sauce, homemade or canned

3 oz. Bourbon

1/2 Cup water with bouillon cubes

In a pan over medium fire, brown cubes rolled in flour, salt & pepper; then set aside. Then sauté' the green pepper and other ingredients; cover, simmer for 1 1/2 hours. Check for liquid two or three times. If the meat is well floured, the stew will thicken when finished.

Old Fashioned Pickled Beans

2 1/2 gallons green beans, broken & washed. Put in a large kettle, cook until the beans will mash between fingers or pressure cook for 15 minutes at 15 pounds pressure. Pour in sink with cold water over them until cold. use four large ears of corn, cool & cut off the cob. Now add an 8 oz. cup of pickling salt. Mix real good, pack in large jars. Cover with a clean cloth, weight down with a quart jar of water. Tie a clean cloth and a large piece of paper over the top of the jar. Let stand 9 days. Pour in a large pot, heat to boiling, fill jars & seal. When opened pour in a colander, run cold water over all until water is clear. Cook with a piece of fat or season with meat grease. If there isn't enough water to cover add some extra water to cover beans.

Tomato Gravy

1 large can of tomatoes

1 small onion, diced

bacon fat

2-3 Tbs. flour

Brown onion in hot bacon fat, stir in flour, lower heat. Stir until smooth & golden brown. Pour in tomatoes and simmer slowly for 15 minutes. Good over rice or with black-eyed peas.

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